Virtual Master Class

Virtual Master Class

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A new concept requested by our customers - where we will bring the training live into your lounge room. 

Virtual Master Class will cover -

  • all the products in our range. What they are and how to use them 
  • a step by step walk through of prepping, sanding, staining, varnishing and painting furniture 
  • Q&A session to raise any specific questions on your future projects. 

The cost of the training included a Starter Bundle valued at $109. This bundle includes -

  • Pureco Silk Paint 600ml of your colour choice
  • Pureco Base Block 600ml
  • Pureco Lemon & Myrtle Cleaner
  • Two Fussy Blokes Roller Kit

You will have the supplies and knowledge to get straight into your project once you complete the training. 

So book in. Make sure the lounge is comfy and you have your favourite drink ready as we jump into our first ever Virtual Master Class.