Flip Paints - Bree

Flip Paints - Bree

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Bree - Rich and vibrant blue.

Flip Paints provides the ultimate in Australian made mineral paint.  A smooth and velvety paint, delivering a low sheen finish.

Flip Paints are designed to be paint on all surfaces, using the Clean, Scuff, Prime and Paint methodology.  We recommend Flip Block on raw surfaces and Flip Stick on slick or shiny surfaces.

Flip Paints have an increased density and in most cases only 2 coats of colour are needed over primer.  For white and light colours use white primer and for darker, deeper colours use grey primer. 

  • Water Based
  • Low sheen finish between Matte & Satin
  • Low VOCs
  • 100% Australian made in Sydney
  • Bases available from all great flip retailers to tint your own colour