Flip Block White

Flip Block White

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As used by us!

Flip Paints’ primers provide effective and efficient furniture upcycling solutions, delivering a simple method to complete your project with long lasting durability.

Flip Block White is an advanced indoor/exterior water based primer. Suitable for use over Flip Stick where problem stains/bleed remains or directly onto furniture where Flip Stick is not required.  White is best for use under top coat paints made on a white/light base. Refer to your retailer for advice on which primer colour is best suited.

•OIl Base Performance, water base formula
•Blocks all stains, including water stains
•Sticks to all surfaces

Allow to dry for 2 hour before applying further coats.

Stir or shake Flip Block prior to use. Water clean. Up to 10% water can be added for spraying purposes.

Flip Block is part of our ‘Clean, Scuff, Prime, Paint’ strategy. 

You can now paint your pieces with the ease, just like we do. 

  1. Clean - Using Pureco Lemon & Myrtle Cleaner
  2. Scuff - With 120-180 grit sand paper, lightly scuff your piece to lightly de-gloss the surface
  3. Prime - One coat of Flip Stick. Once this dries any areas of bleed through can be painted with Flip Block
  4. Paint - Using your preferred Silk or Chalk paint you can now finish your piece. 

Available in white & grey.