Coasters  Earthy Mandala

Coasters Earthy Mandala

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These set of four coasters inspired by mandala art in earthly colours and ceramic finishing will be the ideal addition to your house furnishings in contemporary times. The set of four beneficial coasters will enhance the richness of your tables along with preserving them from all undesired blemishes. Mandala Art is one of the most ancient artforms known to humankind, and these coasters do an excellent job integrating Mandala art which is considered spiritual, into your homes. This product comes in soothing and calming earthly colours that blend in with wooden furniture along with aiding them to last longer protecting them from heat and water damage. Mandala art will become a topic of conversation differentiating itself from conventional Australian furniture. Adding charm to your house, these coasters are of spectacular build quality and will last a long time in your homes.

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