Dixie Belle Product Upload for Shopify

Below is the CSV file as promised of all DB products which I have uploaded to my shopify store. There are some things to consider.

  • This is the Australian list of available products. I am aware that there are larger sizes available. If this is the case you can add them to the CSV or if you let me know what they are I can update and create a country specific list.  
  • You will need to update your cost and sell price to local currency. The pricing here is in AUD
  • I have changed some wording to be local. Ie in Australia we spell colour instead of color. You will need to update these types of variations for your specific location. Again if I have feedback from US I can pretty quickly put together a US specific file to have online here
  • To upload this file the quickest you will need to set up collections which match identically as below.

Download Product CSV

Collection Creation

  • Collection Title Must be exactly the as the list below
  • Collection Type must be clicked to Automatic
  • Collection Tag Must be exactly as the list below

Download Collection List