Clearance SERVICES


Stress free and easy rehoming of your home.

From downsizing to moving a loved one's home, the process of decluttering, downsizing and deciding what to keep and what to do with everything can be very overwhelming. 

Our experience in dealing furniture and homewares provides us the opportunity to assist you in all aspects of estate clearances, downsizing and decluttering.

Our clearance services is a continuation of our business as a whole, where we strive to limit landfill, through the unnecessary disposal of furniture and homewares.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to clearances, downsizing and decluttering.  We welcome you to contact us today to allow us to better understand your specific needs and formulate a service that can assist you. 

  • Estate Clearance - Total or part clearance of property in readiness for sale or settlement.  Services can include indoor and outdoor clearance.
  • Downsizing - When moving to a smaller property understanding what to take and what not to.  Assistance in planning the move and help with removal of excess items before moving day.
  • Decluttering - Need a bit of a makeover but don't know where to start?  We can give some guidance and help you achieve your goals.
  • Retirement Village moves - Quite often a love ones residential needs change and their home needs to be moved or cleared.  We can help you make this stress free and easy.


For items of value we can engage our network of auction houses to value and arrange the sale.  The removal of these goods and delivery to auction houses is part of the service we offer.


Many furniture items we move into our workshop where either we make them over or one of of many talented flippers can take the piece home to give it a new lease of life. 


A great deal of the items we help remove or declutter are delivered to a number of local charities assisting them with high quality items to sell and the local community.

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